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Magic with Parse in 10 lines of code

 At a recent Tech Lancaster talk we gave, I was surprised to see that nobody in attendance had heard of Parse. I found myself ranting about my love for them, specifically the amount of code it saved me. The following are simplified examples of my most used features, all coming in roughly 10 lines or less.


More often than not, our projects need done yesterday. On top of that, they often involve campaigns that only last a few weeks at most. The more rapidly we can develop, the more time we can allocate to creative and polish that so often gets sacrificed with tight timelines.

Showcased below are some simplified examples of features I find myself using the most:

 1. New User from Facebook Login

Here we prompt for login via Facebook, then retrieve and store their basic information (name and email).

Parse.FacebookUtils.logIn("email", {
  success: function(user) {

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Building an analog looping piano

 This is the story of our new product, “Quaver: The Multiplayer Piano”. We turned an old piano into a song writing machine using magnetic pickups and a Raspberry Pi. For a less technical and more visual story, view the photo gallery on Imgur.


Sean and I christening the final product at Park City mall.

 The Idea

Walking around downtown Lancaster in the summer, it’s hard to miss the pianos sitting out on nearly every block. Known as the “street piano capital of the world”, Lancaster’s Keys for the City program has provided a fun way to rock out with strangers or just have a little fun on your stroll through the city.

As musicians, Sean and I often noodle around on a piano en route to work, and more often than not we find ourselves coming up with a riff or melody worth saving. Recording to your phone is one way to preserve the idea, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could record a song

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